Donna Rosa

Exclusive handbags made in Italy

What is a woman's bag? A fashion accessory? A chic glove box? No, it is much more and this is demonstrated every day by Donna Rosa Creazioni with her exclusive handmade bags made in Italy, unique and numbered pieces, handmade jewels very original.

The bag is the personality, the intimacy, the character, the secrets of a woman and can only be unique and unrepeatable like her. It contains and protects his desires, his emotion, everything he wants to carry with him when he leaves the house. It is the intimate inner universe of a woman, deep and secret, that only she knows and knows how to wear. It's her way of managing life, her relationship with herself and with others.

The style, shape, material, colors, size and way of wearing a bag reveal a woman's identity. Not to mention everything she loves to carry with her when she comes out, the contents of the bag. Often, it temporarily replaces the intimacy of the house, the safety of the hearth.

Stop. Let psychology deepen the issue. We simply say that every woman deserves 'her' bag, unique and exclusive. With this principle, Donna Rosa Creazioni offers each one her handcrafted handbag just for her.

Donna Rosa Creazioni: the characteristic mix of fabrics

You have to fill your eyes with colors, geometries, patterns, fabrics, shapes, sizes, style, joy and elegance. No handmade bag by Donna Rosa Creazioni looks like another.

The main feature of these handmade bags is the mix of fabrics with which they are made. Let's see some decidedly original combinations:

  • Black jeans combined with gobelin fabric and faux leather
  • Flax, cotton and faux leather
  • Gobelin Missoni and alcantara
  • Embossed wool and silk and quilted faux leather
  • Pure processed wool and quilted faux leather
  • Technical waterproof fabric with knitted pattern
  • Matelassè with sequined trimmings in faux leather
  • Gabardine and faux leather
  • Delux05 furniture fabric and quilted faux leather
  • Long-haired faux leather
  • Chanel fabric combined with lamé striped
  • Lace and fringed jeans

Choice of fabrics

I am very attentive to the care of our planet and, for this reason, I prefer to use materials composed of natural fibers.


The idea for my creations comes from my mood and from the nature that surrounds me.

Unique products

Each product is unique and numbered, this is synonymous with craftsmanship.

Handmade bags numbered, unique, exclusive

There is no limit to creativity when Donna Rosa's handmade art realizes female uniqueness through her handcrafted bags. Checked, geometric patterns, floral patterns, mix of fabrics, fringes. Chic postman bags, elegant trunks, original and classy buckets, cheerful, comfortable and colorful shop bags, very light and capacious clutch bags. Delicious models with various figures of famous actresses, fringed edges, sequins, shimmering lamé inserts and studs embellishing the look. Logos and identification numbers are embroidered, fabrics such as taffeta, cotton satin, silk shenton are used for linings. Often, Women's Pink Creations bags include the clutch bag internally. The various patches in paintings or other geometric lines are cut and sewn by hand. In addition to being chic and of great aesthetic impact, perfect to make any outfit trendy and irresistible, the handmade bags of Donna Rosa Creazioni are durable, with padded handles for greater comfort.